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 Company Profile




         Founded in 1997, ZSG GROUP PTE. LTD is a Singapore based company which has more than 20 years production and sales experience in high-quality automotive bearings, industrial bearings and transmission parts products. ZSG GROUP PTE. LTD has been focusing on the research, development, production and sales of high precision and high-quality bearings. After 20 years of development, the group has set up sales and logistics service network worldwide for selling premium brand “ZSG” which registered and certificated in Japan, America and Germany. Setting up 5 sales branches in major market regions (Singapore, USA, Germany, Brazil, Panama), With more than 150 sales representatives and logistics service engineers in 30 countries, to ensure close communication with customers, understanding of customer needs, timely delivery of customer orders.


ZSG GROUP PTE. LTD invested two bearing factories in mainland China, sets up two logistics warehouse centers, and participate transmission part manufacturing company as shareholder, responsible for the sales and service of bearings and transmission parts in China, as well as the distribution of customer orders for USA and German sales offices. In China we have numbers of professional engineer with strong technical capabilities in non-standard bearings and customized bearings design and production. It is a wealth of company.


Our products are widely used in various fields: industrial field application for gearbox, conveying equipment, industrial pumps, industrial motors, machine tools and machinery; automotive field application for heavy trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles and agricultural machinery.


ZSG GROUP PTE. LTD plans to set up 3 new sales branches in the next 5 years to cover sales and service in 60 countries and regions worldwide. In mainland China, new investment for two bearings and transmission parts manufacturing plant is in progress to set up a full production lines from raw materials production to bearing processing, this will ensure the high-quality product supply for worldwide market.

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