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Commonly used methods to identify bearing


With the rising domestic vehicle possession, is increasing on auto parts and automotive supplies use demand, however, the city of Guangzhou greatly small parts and supplies stores multiple and complex, which are uneven, some good and some bad, a lot of fake and shoddy products removed from them, resulting in the loss of the owner, serious or even cause casualties. Have certain knowledge in order to let the owners of parts and supplies to the brand are factory, in this paper, to the owners of friends of various types, the main brand of car parts to identify ways.

The bearing is called the joint is not an exaggeration. In a car, is not only its four legs -- wheels require the use of bearings, machine parts that will rotate without bearing participation, it is the transmission system in a very ordinary but important things. Because of heavy workload, the wear degree is high, the more common things so bearing replacement car repair. Walking in the auto parts market, operating a variety of brand shop found bearing innumerable, however the quality of bearing they sell to, whether as marked on the packaging is the brand is the factory? This question about each owners all around many times. Here to introduce you to several common methods used to identify the quality of the bearing:

Packaging is clear: under normal circumstances, the brand is factory has its own specialized design personnel external packaging design, and arrange for clearance of the plant production conditions of production, so the packaging from the line to the blocks of color are very clear, unambiguous.

Seal the words are clear: to be printed on the brand words, label in bearing on the body. Font is very small, but it is mostly used plants Chupin stamping technology. The font counterfeit products not only fuzzy, due to the printing technology of rough, fonts, floating on the surface, some even can be easily wiped off by hand.

If the noise: the left hand holding the body bearing sleeve, right hand toggle coat make its rotation, listen to whether there are miscellaneous ring. As most of the backward condition of counterfeit products, completely hand-workshop-type operations, in the production process will inevitably be an impurity in the sand type, hidden in the bearing body, so the rotation will be issued when the noise. This is the biggest and the strict implementation of standards, and with machine operation is of different brands.

The surface is a cloudy stain: this special attention should be paid in the purchase of imported bearings. Because of the current anti-rust technology is not the special home, very easy to leave a thick layer of oil, so the bearing body for rust prevention processing, get in the hands of sticky sticky consistency, while the bearing of foreign imported almost can not see the traces of rust preventive oil, pour is particularly careful imported bearings smell experts say there is a taste, is certainly the anti-rust oil, just impossible to see.

Chamfer is uniform: the so-called bearing chamfer, also is the horizontal and the vertical surface junction, counterfeit bearings due to restrictions on production technology, processing satisfactorily in these corners.

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