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Vibration and bearing bearing temperature


A vibration, bearing

Bearing vibration is very sensitive to the bearing damage, such as peeling, indentation, rust, crack, wear will be reflected in the measurement of bearing vibration, so, through the use of special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer etc) can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency cannot be inferred from abnormal situation. The measured values, and different bearing conditions of use or sensor installation location, therefore require prior to each machine measurement comparison criteria.

Two, the temperature of the bearing

The temperature of the bearing, general bearing outside of room temperature can be speculated that, if the use of the oil hole can directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring, the more appropriate.

Usually, the temperature of the bearing with the bearing running slowly rising, reach a steady state after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of the bearing for machine heat capacity, heat capacity, speed and load and different. If the lubrication, install appropriate, bearing temperature quick rise, abnormal high temperature, then we must stop, take the necessary preventive measures.
The use of thermal sensor can always monitor the bearing temperature, and the temperature exceeds the set value automatically alarm or stop to prevent burning shaft accident.

High temperature often bearings in unusual circumstances. High temperatures may also be harmful to the bearing lubricant. Sometimes overheated bearings can be attributed to the bearing lubricant. If the bearings at the temperature higher than 125 DEG C long-term even would reduce bearing life. Cause of high temperature bearings causes include: insufficient or excessive lubrication lubrication, lubricant. Contains impurities, heavy load, bearing damage, lack of space, and oil have high friction and so on.

Regular weight bearing temperature can be measured with the help of SKF digital thermometer thermometer, for example, can be accurately measured bearing temperature according to C or Fahrenheit temperature display unit.

The importance of the bearing, means when it is damaged, will cause the equipment downtime, so this type of bearings preferably should be equipped with temperature detector.

Under normal circumstances, bearing lubrication and lubrication in or after the natural temperature rises and lasts a day or two.

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