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Common faults of bearing


Generally realized two kinds of fault of rolling bearing, a bearing mount temperature is too high, the two is a bearing noise in operation.

1 bearing temperature

In the operation, the installation of the bearing parts to allow a certain temperature, when the hand touch body shell, should not feel hot to normal, instead it indicates that the bearing temperature is too high.

Causes of bearing temperature are: lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, lubricating oil viscosity is too high; preloaded mechanism (spaces); preloaded bearing; bearing race rotation on the shaft or shell; overload; bearing save frame or rolling element fragments.

2 bearing noise

Rolling bearing minor operation noise is allowed in the work, if the sound is too large or unusual noise or sound, it indicates that the bearing failure.

Causes noise rolling bearings are more complex, one is the bearings, the mating surface wear. Because this kind of wear, damage the bearing shells, bearing and shaft, causes the axis deviates from the correct location, the shaft noise in high speed motion. When the bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake, also bearing radial clearance increases the noise. In addition, insufficient lubrication of the bearing, the formation of dry friction, as well as bearing broken produces abnormal sound. After bearing wear loose, loose cage damage, also can produce abnormal sound.

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