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7 reasons for bearing damage


Rolling bearing inspection when disassembled, can determine the fault and damage causes of bearing according to the damage of bearing.

1 roll to the surface of the metal.

Bearing rolling body and the inner, outer ring raceway surface are subjected to cyclical fluctuation load, resulting in periodic changes of contact stress. When the stress cycle number reaches a certain value, will produce fatigue spalling in the rolling element and the inner, outer ring raceway working face. If the bearing load is too large, will exacerbate this fatigue. In addition, the bearing is not being installed, shaft bending, also have a raceway spalling phenomenon.

Raceway on Bearing fatigue peeling can reduce the running accuracy of the shaft, the mechanism of vibration and noise.

2 bearing burn

Burn bearing raceway, the rolling body temper. Burn the reason is the general lack of lubrication, lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, as well as the bearing assembly too tight.

3 plastic deformation

Pits uneven appearance of raceway and roller bearing contact surfaces, it indicates that the bearing to produce plastic deformation. The reason is bearing in static or impact loading, local stress more than material yield limit of the working surface, which generally occurs on the low speed rotation of the bearing.

4 bearing ring crack

Causes of bearing ring crack may be bearing too tight, loose bearing foreign or inner ring bearing tolerance, deformation, surface processing and installation of bearing failure.

5 cage fragmentation

The reason is the lack of lubrication, rolling crush, seat tilt.

6 glue the metal cages in the rolling body

The possible reason is the rolling was stuck in a cage or lack of lubrication.

7 ring raceway of serious wear and tear

May be in the race into the foreign body, lack of lubricating oil or lubricating oil is not suitable.

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